Nikon Gear For Sale

I help the Hospice people with technical assistance on photo gear that shows up at their store. They have for sale the following…Nikon D80 Digital body, Nikon N80 Film Body, Nikon AF-S VR 18-200, Nikon AF 20mm, Nikon AF 60mm Micro, Nikon AF 105mm Micro, Bogen 3011 Tripod with 3055 QR Head. 2 Photoflex 32″ Light Modifiers – one silver/gold and one translucent. All of the items are in new condition and will give years of service. The stuff is barely used! Don’t wait too long to act.

Please see them at Heirlooms for Hospice, 635 Main Street, Grand Junction CO  970-254-8556.

I’m not sure what the items will be priced, but you know it will be fair. There is not a worthier group of people to support.


Author: espyworks

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