Retail Tales – Christie Brinkley

Christie BrinkleyMid 90s now. I am at the front desk working ‘in the pit’. It is mid summer and the store is busy. A small commotion behind me makes me turn around. A contingent of people arrive and in the middle of them is Christie Brinkley and her new husband Richard Taubman. They have a place in Telluride and are stopping by to get a few things. One of them is fishing licenses. Christy walks up to me and asks for a Colorado license and I ask for her drivers license, which we use to get all the information we need. She is a bit taken aback with my request. I lean over slowly and whisper that all her info will be safe and that I won’t let anyone know how old she is. She leans back and laughs. We filled out her license with no further problems. Not too long after that she was in a helicopter accident, but she was ok. And then divorced again soon after.

I just have that effect on women. 😉


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