Retail Tales – John Denver

Jenny and I are celebrating an anniversary. We are at the Tower Restaurant in Snowmass Village, CO. The bar in the Tower is a happening place in the late 80s. There is a magician slash bartender who puts on a great show and the bar is busy. We have a nice dinner and then go into the bar area for a drink and some entertainment. Sitting at out small table we notice a scruffy looking guy at the bar giving the regular bartender a very hard time. We don’t pay him much attention and start to enjoy our drinks. Jenny asks our waiter if John Denver still owns the restaurant. He says yes, and then puts his finger to his mouth in the ‘quiet’ motion and nods his head over his shoulder to the bar. It is John Denver at his worst. Drunk, obnoxious and angry. We watch John for awhile, finish our drinks and leave. This evidently is not uncommon for him at the time.

John Denver

John did many things for good and was an amazing entertainer. His life was cut short by an airplane accident in ’97. Sometimes the life perceived is not the life lived.


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I will be working on a theme for this as I go along. But there is a strong possibility that this will have no direct stream, and just ramble aimlessly. And thats fun too!

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