Retail Tales – Dennis Rodman


It is around ’86 or ’87 and I am in Salt Lake City for business. At that time the basketball arena in SLC is called The Salt Palace and is located right downtown and has a shopping center attached to it. I am in a bookstore just browsing around and I look up and see Dennis Rodman also poking around. At this time Dennis was new to the NBA and hadn’t gotten around to all the tattoos, piercings and weird hair. He was just a ball player. And a good one too. Now if you know me, you know I played some ball in my younger days and Ive played with all sorts of ex-pro league players, NCAA players etc. So I know a player when I see one. Im looking at Dennis, and he just doesn’t seem that big to me. I’ve seen him on TV and of course you imagine all the players to be just these humongous specimens, Dennis was just a few inches taller than me and probably weighed the same. I’m thinking there has to be something else. Something I don’t know. Anyway, while I am checking out, Dennis is near me, and I say some nice things to him and hold my hand out. He says thank you and puts his hand around mine. And by around I mean totally engulfs it. His hands were huge! It was like I was a 5 year old holding my daddys hand. At that moment I knew how. With hands that huge, a wingspan that wide, and his leaping ability, I knew how he overachieved. He was always known for his rebounding skills, and he excelled at it, and now you know why too!


Author: espyworks

I will be working on a theme for this as I go along. But there is a strong possibility that this will have no direct stream, and just ramble aimlessly. And thats fun too!