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Dennis Farina

Dennis Farina = Here is his Wikipedia page.


Jenny and I are in Florida attending a PMA show. We got lucky and were able to stay at an upscale hotel called the Peabody. Im thinking this is the early to mid 90s. We are coming down the stairs into the main lobby and Dennis is at the main desk leaning on the counter. We lock eyes just for a second. And then he immediately turns back to the counter and hides. He hunches over and kindof holds his hands up by his face. He effectively hides in his own cocoon. Im not sure if he felt that Jenny and I would be bothering him, asking for autographs and such. Just another distraction in his busy day, We just walked on by and out the doors to our own busy day. Of all the celebrities I’ve met over the years I’ve never asked for an autograph or anything. Either they were on my own turf in the stores, or we were just passing by and whatever was spoken was cordial and light. I feel bad for the Dennis Farinas who get ‘harrassed’ by certain fans. I would probably ‘cocoon’ up also. I was very sorry to hear he passed recently. I liked his acting.


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I will be working on a theme for this as I go along. But there is a strong possibility that this will have no direct stream, and just ramble aimlessly. And thats fun too!

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