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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. A cookie is not a program that can contain malicious software or a virüs.

Use of cookies on this website

Cookies are used to make the website work. Cookies help us to get an overview of your visit to the website so that we can optimize our site and adapt it to your needs and interests. Save cookies e.g. B. which goods you have added to your shopping basket, whetever you have already visited the site before, whetever you have registered and in which language and with which currency you would like to view the site.

We also use cookies to be able to show you customized advertisements on other websites. In general, we use cookies as part of our service to be able to show you the content that is most relevant to you.

How to reject or delete cookies

You can refuse cookies at any time on your computer,tablet or mobile phone by changing the settings of your browser. Where you can change the settings depends on the browser you are using. If you change the settings, please make sure that there are functions and services that you can no longer use, as these require that the website can save the selection you have made.

You can deactivate cookies from Google Analytics here.

You can here also change adversiting settings are divided over the information in different networks.


Delete cookies

You can delete cookies that you have already accepted. If you use a PC with a newer browser, you can delete cookies using the following key combination: CTRL + SHIFT +.DEL.

If the key combination does not work and/ or of you are using a MAC, you need to check which browser you are using and then click on the following link:

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Please note: If you use several internet browsers, you should delete the cookies in each browser.

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