I'm reading this book and it pisses me off. I can do a chapter or so and then I have to take a break. Because I am a direct victim of the 2008 financial crises, and this book explains why not one bank executive was brought to task for their egregious errors! From about 2003... Continue Reading →


Simple Cameras

One of my favorite Photo websites is The Online Photographer. He recently had a post titled 'Simple Cameras'. It really made me smile because I had written something like it a few years ago here.. Ten Good Ideas that Never Took Off.  Read the comments.  Too fun!

Dustbowls, Documentaries, and Dorothea Lange

I was going through a family history and recollections that my Uncle and Mother have written. They completed this remembrance of their growing up years as a way to preserve some family history for future generations. Its actually quite cool. Handwritten and hand drawn genealogical charts, Civil and Revolutionary war tales, Depression era stories. The... Continue Reading →

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