Cotton Balls

I pull the cotton balls from the container and pull them apart a bit. Not all the way, but just enough to give them a new look. I then toss them on the floor. When I have enough I imagine being in an airplane and am looking down on them. There are many different layers... Continue Reading →



He slumps into the restaurant, pulling rain-drenched garments off of him as he walks to a booth in the back. Using one of the benches at his booth, he piles the sodden clothing up. It looks like a laundry bin at the homeless shelter. Smells like it too. Collapsing into the opposite seat, he breathes... Continue Reading →

10 Assorted thoughts and rants…or “Hey you kids, get off my damn lawn!”

1) We should pay all our public servants, like Senators and┬áCongressman, the same as the medium income in their districts.If they want to earn more, then raise the pay and earning potential in your own backyard. You are supposed to represent us, so get paid like us. Buy your insurance like us, no more getting... Continue Reading →

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