Odds and Ends

How cool is this! The areas nicest, best looking monthly is coming back. I really loved the writing and the photos. Go check out some of the past issues and poke around here…Grand Valley Magazine.

Also, on a completely selfish note, I had the inaugural cover shot!

Here’s hoping they find their footing and prosper!!! You go Krystyn!

Recently a Halliburton crew in Texas lost a radioactive source we use as part of our job. Im sure it will turn up somewhere. Im hoping that it is not found by a civilian and kept in a drawer somewhere. You can read about it all over the place. Just google Halliburton radiation. What is most interesting to me is in reading the comments behind each story is the anger and vitriol put forward by the commenters. Amazingly some of them bring up Dick Cheney and then it starts getting political. And then how some of them link everything into fracking. These are unique and separate things. Someday I’ll explain how all these things work, but not now.

I’ve been using Apple products since the mid Eighties. My first computer was an SE-30 with a 20 MB hard drive and 2 MB of memory. My iPhone now has more computing power and usefulness then most of the computers I owned . Apple introduced their next evolution of the phone and will soon introduce upgrades to other computer products and possibly a new iPad. Apple is now one of the most profitable and largest companies around. And it seems as only a few years ago that we thought they would be out of business soon.

This had a black and white screen. I used to put out a color newsletter on this! Ended up selling it to a college kid. By the way, this box with a printer cost me about $6000 at the time! Amazing!

Jenny and I were downtown a few weeks ago. In the bookstore on Main there in the 300 block I purchased a set of encyclopedias. Not just any set. But a set from the middle of the 1800s! Published from 1863 to 1865. Too much fun!

I have had the most fun looking through these. For instance, when I read about abolitionists, they are referred to in the present sense. Lincoln is just any other president. Listed briefly. Nice lengthy discourses on religious figures and especially important European figures. Very nice. Cant wait to start on B.

Getting ready to organize another of my ‘Virtual Garage Sales’. This is where I get together a bunch of useful stuff and advertise it to all me friends. This insures that I hit my target audience and don’t have riffraff walking around my garage. Stay tuned…




I really love the graphic nature of these. The artist had to convey a sense of danger in one small decal. Fun stuff…