Filled to no flowing.


We eat out as often as my meager salary will let us. Even if it is just to the little local cafe. One of the things that irks us the most is the inability to get salt or pepper out of the shakers. It is mainly because the wait staff insists that a completely filled shaker is correct. They take the cap off and pour the product so it makes a nice little dome out of the top of the shaker, then they jam the top on and screw it down. The salt, or pepper, is then compressed tightly against the top of the shaker. Now when you try to get something out of it, it won’t. And it won’t because there is no ‘shake’ room. The salt must move back and forth within the shaker to expel out of the top. Really, it’s quite easy. That’s why they are called ‘shakers’. So come on restaurants, give us a little room to shake!