On writing…

Fall in the orchardsI read a lot. Between my iPad, iPhone and home computer i ingest far more than I’m able to write on this site. I tend to return to good writers, especially if they have a blog. Some of my favorites are Kirk Tuck for those wanting a behind the scenes look at professional photography. A really eclectic site is BHJ (coarse language). This little gem about Mr. Rogers. And more are out there. Add to the comments on what sites you like to read.

I try to write well and sometimes I really get going. My best writing, I think, was the post below on the slides I found at the yard sale. That got me the most feedback and comments. It was posted on The Online Photographer. And then there are always those who will disagree with most anything written. Read Kirk Tucks last post. What a waste of good writing. Im really going to miss reading him. All because of an offhand comment about his site.

I really respect those that can write consistently well and often. I get blocked so many times when I think about my own writing. Maybe they are just excuses, but some are legitimate. Mainly my work schedule precludes me from writing regularly. For instance I will leave this weekend and be gone for about the next 2 weeks straight. And it is hard to write from the road. Its difficult for me to get into and maintain the correct frame of mind I need to write. Life intrudes. My other shortcoming, I believe, is my inability to string together a really long narrative. I seem to be able to write short posts. But anything  longer, like a short story, absolutely flummoxes me. So the next great American novel won’t be from me.

So those of you out there tell me whats up. Whose site are you looking at? What writer is turning you on right now? Share with the others on where to turn for different viewpoints or ideas. Contribute!