Fun while it lasted…

I walked into the top floor of the store from the warehouse. There was carpet on the floor and pegboard on the walls. It was huge. And empty. Duke, Marshal and I couldnt believe we could ever fill it with merchandise. We eventually did.  That store supported countless families over the years. Led to many marriages, saw itself through some deaths too. And now it is onto its second life. Bought by a company who will rebuild it into government offices. It will last another 30 years as something else. It was good working there. I have many fond memories that I share. I miss those times. But I especially miss all the people, whether they were customers or co-workers, I miss them all.

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Retail Tales – Swim Suit

Its a quiet summer Saturday morning. I’m the only one upstairs and I am helping a customer with running shoes. While we are looking at the selection on the wall, a young lady comes up and asks about where the swimsuits are located and a fitting room. I point everything out, get her organized and return to my shoe customer. He has decided on a few to try on. I get the assorted shoes out and start getting them laced and on his feet. I look up to to talk to him and he is looking out over my shoulder into the store with a surprised look on his face. The young lady has picked out an amazing suit that is about 2 sizes too small and is walking over to me. Did I mention this young lady is about 18 and very well built? Anyway she comes over, my customer too dumbfounded to say anything, and she asks if the suit fits her correctly. I stammer out a few things I cant remember now, and she turns and returns to the fitting area.

Now some 30 years later I can remember the young lady and her too small suit, but I cannot remember if I sold either shoes or a suit that morning.